3 months ago

Hey all we are happy to release the new Deathswap gamemode!

Deathswap is a gamemode created by Dream (

It features 2 players in which they swap locations every 5 minutes and the goal is to eliminate the other person without using PvP

The gamemode has a public queue and a private queue

The public queue can be accessed by using the paper in your hotbar when you join. The private queue is like a custom game in which you can configure some settings and use things such as kits. This is only available to Nexus Plus Rank and will remain that way. The way to acces...

Factions Shop Update
4 months ago

Hey all we want to introduce the new Factions Shop Update!

Here you can see a image of the new shop on Factions, previously the shop was more Survival themed with TNT and Obsidian costing more than items like quartz stairs and bricks and so we did a full revamp with some new designs and items in the shop.

If you discover any issues, please let us know. 

One thing we ARE aware of is heads not rendering and appearing as a Steve head when entering a shop, this does not affect your gameplay however it is ...

Factions V2
4 months ago

Hey all Its been a while since the last large update or new gamemode to Nexus!


So here is a new gamemode that you all may enjoy!

Factions v2 is now released!


We are aware that the last time we launched Factions, it was a hit at the start but it was WAY to complicated. It wasn't very clear on how to play, there was constant bugs, and the server was all over the place, and the items didn't really relate to each other. After a while, the gamemode died out and eventually was shut down.

However, we still liked the idea of Factions on Nexus and feel like with enough effort, it could be made into a large gamemode!


So that's what we did! Afte...

SMP Update
5 months ago

Hey all!

We have not done a large scale update on the SMP in a while so heres the new update!

Please note that this is an extremely large scale update so please bear with us if there are bugs and make sure to /bug them!

So here is what the update includes!


End Update V2:

Some players will know the end update originally and the fact that it caused so many issues with invicible entities, players, and much more.

This was due to a bug with your health becoming stored as "null" because your player took damage like 0.6 hearts

Now the reason that 0.6 damage breaks the game is becasue you can't damage someone by 0.6 only increments of 0.5 (Ex: 0.5, 1.0,...

Hardcore release
6 months ago

Hey all!

We are happy to release the first beta testing stages of the Hardcore server!


So im sure you are all familiar with what Hardcore is.


Now some differences are instead of like some servers when you die, you are banned, you are able to purchase respawns on the store


Now there are 2 different types of respawns. 

There is the Full Respawn and the Respawn.


The full respawn will restore you to your original position, xp level, items, just everythign that you had before you died. Its pretty much as if you didn't die.


The other type is a normal respaw...

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